How to Make your Business Eco-Friendly


Whether you are an individual or a business, setting an example of environmentally conscious behavior has become critical to our progress as a society. The global climate is turning erratic, bringing unseasonal and extreme droughts, forest fires and floods. We collectively create incredible amounts of non-biodegradable wastes, filling our landfills and oceans alike with plastic and other toxic materials. However, it is not too late to make positive changes in our own lives, our businesses and communities.

Going green in your business will not only benefit he environment, it can also be profitable in the long-term. Reducing waste, reusing materials and recycling will drastically reduce your costs. Here are some ways to apply the 3 R’s to different aspects of your business.

  1. In Office Supplies

One good way to reduce wastage in things like pens is to use refillable instead of disposable ones. Refilling them will help you keep track of your pens as well as reduce wastage.

Consider designating an employee to monitor office supplies in order to be updated on how much used and how much waste can be reduced without causing problems.

If you are willing to have a more in-depth look at your business’s waste, consider doing a waste audit. This is will help you make more informed decisions on reducing wastage.

  1. In Procuring Goods and Services

An easy way to “go green” in your business is to regularly review your policies concerning goods procurement. Look for suppliers that use packaging sparingly, make products that do not contain environmentally harmful toxins, apply reusable materials and recyclable materials in their products

Another eco-friendly practice is to consult local suppliers instead of large scale or online supply

Companies. In delivering to you, your supplier will acquire a far smaller carbon footprint.

  1. In postage

Although it is undeniable that the digital age has made most use of paper products redundant, some use is still necessary—especially when when you need to write and receive letters. Switch to environmentally friendly envelopes which are made from recycled paper and other natural materials. Also consider reusable envelopes which reduce costs and reduce waste because they can be used for both sending and replying.


  1. In Office Furniture

Learn to recycle and repurpose your furniture instead of unnecessarily throwing it out. Every year, millions of tons of office furniture is dumped as waste in the U.S. Unfortunately, most modern furniture is made of long lasting materials like metals and woods as well as dozens of toxic chemical products which makes it very unsuitable for landfills. Make large savings by asking yourself if you really need to buy new furniture.

  1. Use Green Energy

Conventional energy production is one of the biggest polluters of the environment. As renewable energy becomes cheaper and cheaper, switch to a voluntary power purchasing agreement with your electricity supplier which gets a considerable amount of its electricity from solar, thermal and wind power.


These simple and economical steps can make a huge difference in your business’s environmental friendliness while simultaneously making a big impression on your conscientious customers. Setting an example is a far more powerful way to inspire others to follow your lead.