Launch Day- From Failed Product to Successful Product


“An entrepreneur must deal with more uncertainty than a professional with a well-define role” (Peter Thiel)

For an entrepreneur, launch day is considered as the final test to know whether months or years of hard work will pay off. As an entrepreneur, there is nothing more panicky and thrilling than a product or service launch.

No matter how much you are prepared, there is always a chance of uncertainty. Here, you may realize that things are not going as you planned. That is why an entrepreneur must deal with more uncertainty than others.

Despite spending months in perfecting your product and conducting market analysis, the launch did not go according to your expectations. When things go wrong, we call it “a failed product launch.”

However, a successful entrepreneur do not go off the track and you will realize that after making some attempts, you will succeed to launch a product as planned.

Here, we will share few tips that will help you to avoid some costly mistakes.

  1. Focus on Benefits: A successful entrepreneur look for benefits instead of providing more features. You may launch a product with tons of features but providing less benefits to people. Without properly communicating the benefits of your product or service, your audience will be left bemusing and not buy.

Try to answer all the possibilities that can bring benefits and create curiosity. Discuss about all features and how these features can benefit them in building a better future.

  1. Customer’s Product: Another mistake is creating a product that you think your customers want rather than analyzing what they actually need. You need to understand the difference since it can make or break your launch.

Instead of approaching random results, you should spend time talking with actual customers and analyze their psychology. It can help you to attain actual feedback.

  1. Think out of the Box: Do not stay limited to your industry. It’s important to get the opinion of trustworthy people outside your industry. This will help you to think broadly and it is potentially helpful in shaping the perfect message.

You don’t have to fully listen to the advice of those who are unaware of your product. But it can help you in developing a new perspective of your product.

  1. Track and Evaluate your failure: Whether you are launching for the first time or the second, it is common that not every launch will go as planned. But that is okay and you can expect that. The most important thing is to realize how you deal with less than idea launch.

To make it a successful launch, keep a track of your failures and evaluate them periodically. This will help you to succeed